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Contributions to MedLink Neurology

MedLink Corporation, San Diego, California, USA. 1997-current. The 164 articles are part of an electronic encyclopedia of neurology containing 1200 articles by approximately 450 authors, which are updated once a year.


  1. Principles of neuropharmacology
  2. Clinical trials and drug development for neurological disorders
  3. Statistics for the neurologists
  4. Drug delivery to the central nervous system
  5. Blood-Brain Barrier
  6. Innovative therapies for cerebral vasospasm
  7. Ion channels and neurological disorders
  8. Chelation therapy in neurological disorders
  9. Vaccination for neurological disorders
  10. Intrathecal therapy

Drugs used for neurological disorders

  1. Alteplase
  2. Anticholinergics
  3. Anticonvulsants
  4. Atomoxetine
  5. Azathioprine
  6. Baclofen
  7. Benzodiazepines
  8. Carbamazepine
  9. Citalopram
  10. Clopidogrel
  11. Coenzyme Q10
  12. Dalfampridine
  13. Dihydroergotamine
  14. Dimethyl fumarate
  15. Diazepam
  16. Donepezil
  17. Duloxetine
  18. Edaravone
  19. Entacapone
  20. Eteplirsen
  21. Fingolimod
  22. Fluoxetine
  23. Fosphenytoin
  24. Gabapentin
  25. Galantamine
  26. Glatiramer
  27. Infliximab
  28. Interferon beta 1a
  29. Interferon beta 1b
  30. Intravenous immune globulin
  31. Lacosamide
  32. Lamotrigine
  33. Levetiracetam
  34. Levodopa
  35. Memantine
  36. Methylphenidate
  37. Mitoxantrone
  38. Mycophenolate
  39. Modafinil
  40. Monoclonal antibodies for migraine prophylaxis
  41. Natalizumab
  42. Nimodipine
  43. Nusinersen
  44. Ocrelizumab
  45. Oxcarbazepine
  46. Pemoline
  47. Perampanel
  48. Phenytoin
  49. Pramipexole
  50. Prednisone
  51. Pregabalin
  52. Primidone
  53. Propofol
  54. Pyridostigmine
  55. Rasagiline
  56. Retigabine
  57. Resperidone
  58. Riluzole
  59. Rivastigmine
  60. Ropinirole
  61. Rotigotine
  62. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
  63. Selegeline
  64. Sodium oxybate
  65. Sumatriptan
  66. Tapentadol
  67. Tiagabine
  68. Tizanidine
  69. Tolcapone
  70. Topiramate
  71. Triptans
  72. Valproic acid
  73. Vigabatrin
  74. Ziconotide
  75. Zonisamide

Neuroprotection, neurotrophic factors and regenerative neurology

  1. Neuroprotection in disorders of the central nervous system
  2. Principles of regeneration and repair in the nervous system
  3. Cell therapy for neural repair and regeneration
  4. Scientific basis of the application of neurotrophic factors in neurological disorders
  5. Application of neurotrophic factors in degenerative neurological disorders
  6. Application of neurotrophic factors in peripheral neuropathies
  7. Application of neurotrophic factors in cerebrovascular disorders
  8. Application of neurotrophic factors in trauma to the nervous system

Gene therapy

  1. Gene therapy for neurological disorders: methods and principles
  2. Gene therapy of neurogenetic disorders
  3. Gene therapy of malignant gliomas
  4. Gene therapy of neurodegenerative disorders
  5. Gene therapy of muscular dystrophy
  6. Gene therapy of cerebrovascular disease

Pharmacotherapy of pain

  1. Overview, physiology, and approach to the management of pain
  2. Pathophysiology and management of chronic pain
  3. Pathophysiology and management of cancer pain
  4. Central neuropathic pain: pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy
  5. Phantom limb pain
  6. Myofascial pain syndrome
  7. Fibromyalgia

Drug-induced Neurological Disorders

  1. Introduction to drug-induced neurological disorders
  2. Drug-induced aseptic meningitis
  3. Drug-induced cerebrovascular disorders
  4. Drug-induced delirium
  5. Drug-induced dementia
  6. Drug-induced disturbances of taste and smell
  7. Drug-induced memory disorders
  8. Drug-induced myopathy
  9. Drug-induced seizures
  10. Drug-induced syncope
  11. Neurological complications of general anesthesia
  12. Neurological complications of local anesthesia
  13. Serotonin syndrome
  14. Drug-induced sleep disorders
  15. Stimulant-dependent sleep disorder
  16. Stupor and coma due to drug intoxication

Alternative therapies in neurology

  1. Alternative methods for the treatment of neurological disorders
  2. Acupuncture and the neurologist
  3. Neurological complications of chiropractic manipulations
  4. Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  5. Hyperbaric oxygenation for treatment of stroke.

Molecular diagnostics

  1. Principles and methods of molecular diagnostics of neurologic disorders
  2. Molecular diagnosis of CNS malignancies
  3. Molecular diagnosis of infections of the CNS
  4. Molecular diagnosis of neurogenetic disorders


  1. Introduction to neurogastroenterology
  2. Neurological aspects of nausea and vomiting
  3. Dysphagia

Neurological disorders caused by changes in environments

  1. High pressure neurological syndrome
  2. Mountain sickness
  3. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  4. Neurologic complications of decompression

Miscellaneous topics in neurology, neurological syndromes

  1. Neurology of aging
  2. Applied neurogenomics
  3. Personalized neurology
  4. Biomarkers in neurology
  5. Digital neurology
  6. Nutrition and the brain
  7. Vitamin E and neurological disorders
  8. Hepatic encephalopathy
  9. Multiple cranial nerve palsies
  10. Susac Syndrome
  11. Turcot syndrome
  12. Hiccup: Pathomechanisms and management
  13. Integration of diagnostics and therapeutics in the practice of neurology
  14. Gulf war syndrome
  15. Neuroproteomics
  16. Neurological aspects of chemical and biological warfare agents
  17. Neurological aspects of pathological laughter
  18. Nightmares
  19. Neurological causes and complications of fever
  20. Heat stroke
  21. Dysathria
  22. Neurological aspects of excessive yawning
  23. Electrical injuries: neurological aspects
  24. Medical errors
  25. Insufficient sleep syndrome
  26. Sleep and intellectual disability
  27. Insomnia


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